Ingrid Alexandra shone as a guide for Kate and William

Queen Sonja, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, Duchess Kate and Prince WilliamQueen Sonja, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, Duchess Kate and Prince William.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Ingrid Alexandra shone as a guide for Kate and William

The Norwegian princess, Ingrid Alexandra, impressed when she showed the British  couple her own sculpture park. Language savvy and confident, she informed about the sculptures.


The 14-year-old has spent several years at the international school, where the day to day language is English. That became apparent when she showed Prince William and Duchess Kate  her sculpture park at the Royal Palace on Thursday. When the party, which also included Queen Sonja and the Crown Prince, came out of the Palace after lunch, people were packed behind the barriers.

Prince William and his wife approached them and talked with lots of people, asked where they came from, what they names were, praised outfits and thanked them for their appraisals. It took them almost half an hour to walk the 200 metres to the first sculpture.

From there on the princess took over the baton, presented the four sculptures and answered the questions from the royal couple.

Wants to meet people

Despite the cold and the twilight creeping in, the couple greeted people, the prince, not even wearing a hat nor gloves. Both the Royal Palace and the British guests have stated that they hope as many as possible will attend the royal route and meet with them. This approach to his royal duties Prince William has in common with his mother princess Diana, who also appreciated talking to ordinary people, stopping to greet them.

After photographing and lunch at the Palace and the trip to the sculpture park, they went to visit the MESH entrepreneurial community. Four companies were presented to the royals. World Champion in Chess, Magnus Carlsen’s, “Play Magnus” was one of those.

Later on, the guests are invited to dine at the Palace.

Mental health

The Royal couple, just like the Norwegian Crown Prince, has engaged themselves in the health of children and young people. It has been the couple’s desire to witness examples of what is typical Scandinavian upbringing, something they probably got a small impression of on Thursday, but it will be even more of that tomorrow. Then it’s time to meet actors and other participants in the NRK success series “Shame” at Hartvig Nissen School. They are promised discussions regarding challenges that meet youth today – such as identity issues, bullying, sexual abuse and eating disorders.

Then there is Friday lunch at Skaugum before it goes to Holmenkollento visits to the ski jumping arena, the ski museum and the wilderness (Oslo Marka). At that time, considerably colderer weather is expected than today, possibly down to 10 degrees Celsius below the freezing point.

The Royals will then experience something which from a British view is quite weird: Outdoor kindergarten in winter weather, the barbecuing of sausages over open flames in the cold and ski school.


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