Israeli Assembly wants to ban prayer announcements from mosques

mosquesIllustration: Mosques. Photo

The National Assembly of Israel is in favour of a ban on prayer announcements by loudspeaker from mosques.

One bill, which was adopted after a fierce debate in the Knesset Wednesday, involves a total ban on prayer announcements by loudspeaker from mosques.

The second and more moderate bill was to ban prayer announcements in urban areas between 23 pm and 7 am.

The two proposals for legislation must go through three rounds of votes before they can be implemented, Wednesday’s vote being the first.

The proposals in theory apply to all religious faiths and structures, but Muslims consider it directed solely at them, as the only ones to call to prayer using loudspeakers several times a day, are the minarets of mosques.

The Israeli bill has sparked strong reactions throughout the Muslim world. If it is finally approved by the National Assembly, the Knesset, it will also apply mosques in the occupied Territories, with the exception of the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, which is the third holiest site according to Islam.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today