June was a humid month – with 50 percent more rainfall than normal

Danger Level, RainRainy day. Photo: Pixabay.com

It was wet and humid several places in June, a month that offered 50 percent more rainfall than normal. Most precipitation occurred on Lurøy in Helgeland in Nordland.

Thus, we lay behind the eighth wetest June month since 1900, writes the Meteorological Institute.

“There have been two quite wet months. While May was the fourth wetest in over a hundred years, June was the eighth wetest,” says climate scientist Hanne Heiberg.

Lurøy in Helgeland in Nordland is the place where most of the precipitation fell. On June 29, the heavens opened, and 91.2 millimeters of rain fell in a day. In total, there was 258.1 millimeters of precipitation at this station, which is 154 percent of normal.

Some measuring stations in Finnmark, Nordland and in Eastern Norway received 100 to 150 percent more than the normal rainfall.

The very wettest June month was in 1964, when compared with 75 percent more precipitation than normal. It was far drier in 1927, which is the driest June registered, with only 20 percent of the expected rainfall recorded.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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