KrF Asks Hareide to inform now if he resigns

KrF Lykke HareideKnut Arild Hareide and Gjermund Lykke (Christian Democrats). Photo:

KrF Tops asks Hareide to inform now if he resigns

Geirmund Lykke, Karin Bjørkehaug and Jon Normann Tviberg believe it’s best if the Leader of the Christian Democrats, Knut Arild Hareide, informs before the National Assembly if he wants to resign.


After all the constituencies of the Christian Democrats have elected their delegates to the extraordinary National Assembly on Friday, November 2th, there is a majority for the «Blues» and thereby Government talks with the current Government.

Municipality Councilor in Trondheim for the Christian Democrats, Geirmund Lykke, says to the newspaper Adresseavisen that he believes that some «Light Blue», which really does not want to enter into the Solberg Government, will rethink if Hareide tells the National Assembly whether he will continue as leader or not if the outcome is in favour of that alternative against the wishes of Knut Arild Hareide.

May hang on Hareide’s decision

– The matter that can make this turn topsy turvy is that some who do not wish to seek a Government together with Labour (Ap) and the Centre Party (Sp) [with the Socialists (SV) in support], will elect to do so in order to keep Knut Arild as the Leader. There may be some who are in doubt – and who principally wish to enter into Government talks with the current Government. But in the choice between it or losing its leader, some may change their view, Lykke hopes, who himself voted for the «Red» option.

Lykke receives support from Central Committee member, Karin Bjørkhaug, and County Leader in the Christian Democrats in Trøndelag, Jon Normann Tviberg. At the same time, Bjørkhaug understands if the Party Leader does not wish to discuss leadership in the debate before the vote.

Hareide has allegedly made it clear to the Central Committee that he wishes to step down if he loses the choice on the path ahead. But during the extraordinary annual meeting of the Østfold Christian Democrats, the Party Leader would not answer if he would resign if he does not get the majority behind him on Friday.

After all the extraordinary annual meetings of the Christian Democrat County Councils, the bourgeois side has 99 delegates, while the red-greens has 90 when it comes down to the wire.

Facts about the National Assembly

  • 77 delegates to Friday’s National Assembly will vote to enter the current Government.
  • 22 delegates will vote to remain in opposition as today but will vote to enter the Government if their first choice is voted down. The «Blues» has, therefore, 99 delegates in total.
  • 83 of the delegates will vote to enter into Government cooperation with Labour and the Centre Party, as Party Leader Knut Arild Hareide wishes to do.
  • 7 delegates will vote to remain in opposition as today, but will subsidiarily vote for a Government with the «Reds». the «Reds» have thus 90 delegates.
  • One delegate, Ingunn Karijord from Møre & Romsdal, says she wants to vote blank anyway.
  • In total there are 190 delegates to the National Assembly.
  • Hareide wants for a secret vote hoping to sway delegates to his view


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