Kripos has uncovered major drugs importer

Cannabis KriposCannabis plantation. Photo: Politiet

Kripos has uncovered major cannabis importer in Oslo

The Anti Crime Unit of the Norwegian police (Kripos) has made several large seizures of cannabis which they link to  criminal gangs in Oslo.


Kripos will at a press conference at noon today inform about operation Hubris. Over the past few of weeks, several large seizures of cannabis have been made. Two men were detained by the Oslo District Court On Thursday, and Kripos announces to NTB that several others will be brought before the court on Friday.

The Head of Kripos, Ketil Haukaas will – together with the Head of the Oslo police, Hans Sverre Sjøvold, and the leader of the investigation group in Kripos, Eivind Borge – inform about the details of the operation during the press conference.

– In our opinion, the investigation has disclosed a significant drug smuggling route into Norway, where several recipients have ties to the gangs in Oslo, Kripos writes in a brief press release.

Two Danes were detained by the Oslo District Court on Thursday. They are charged with importing well over 100 kgs of cannabis into Norway. Both denied culpability, but were detained for four weeks with a letter and a ban on visits, in total isolation for the first two weeks, nonetheless.

The two, a man in his fifties and a man in his late sixties, are known by Danish police from previous encounters, VG wrote on Thursday. The elder of the two has previously been convicted of organizing smuggling of nearly 6 metric ton of cannabis from Morocco to Denmark back in the ‘nineties. The younger man is previously convicted of importing 700 kilos of hash into Denmark from the Netherlands.


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