Higher security than previous years on May 17th

Police, securityPolice.Photo: pixabay.com

Heightened security compared to previous years on May 17th in several cities

The Police are taking several extra security measures in the capital and several other cities in connection with the procession on 17 May than they have done in previous years.


Ann Kristin Brunborg, confirms Wednesday to NRK that security measures are more extensive than they have been previously. Brunborg is Head of Security in Oslo Municipality.

Rune Hekkelstrand later tells NRK that one of the measures is to block multiple side streets to prevent attacks. Hekkelstrand is Operations Manager in the Oslo police.

– There are a number of vehicles that are deployed in the city as part of the security measures taken. We have also deployed other objects which mean that we have more control, he states.

To Dagsavisen, Hekkelstrand says that there will be more visible and armed police in the streets.

-We are working to facilitate a safe and great celebration, he sums up.

No change in the threat level

Police Security Service (PST) said last Tuesday to ABC News that there was no change in the threat level before the National Day.

Minister of Justice, Per-Willy Amundsen (Progress Party), announced in April that several security measures were considered in connection with the celebration.

Bergen empty of cars

Similar security measures to those that are carried out in Oslo, are also implemented at several locations in the country. Among party decorated Bergensians there are also uniformed police equipped with firearms, writes BergensAvisen.

– People will notice more armed police and some additional physical and manned traffic roadblocks in the city center. We want people to celebrate the national day as usual, Morten Ørn told the newspaper Tuesday. Ørn is Head of the Joint Operational Unit in the Western Police District.

In Drammen, the police receives help from both fire trucks and russ buses to block the roads. This to ensure that the children’s parade is allowed to go peacefully through the streets.

– As of now, it is a quiet and nice celebration here, says Operations Manager Marianne Mørch to NTB.

Threat level adjusted upwards earlier this year

Security measures around the National Day were announced shortly after PST upgraded the threat level in Norway from “possible” to that it is “probable” with a terrorist attack in 2017.

The background is nainly the terrorist attack in Stockholm. The arrest of a 17-year-old with a bomb-like object in Oslo contributed too.
Both Amundsen and the police urges people to celebrate the national day as usual.

The police in Bergen and Oslo both reiterate on Wednesday that there are no known threats to the celebration of the National Day.


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