Labour withdraws support of police reform

Jonas Gahr Støre (Labour) and Jonas Kallmyr (Progress Party). Photo Montage: NTM

Støre no longer support the local police reform

Labour Leader, Jonas Gahr Støre, believes that the Norwegian police have strayed in the wrong direction. He warns that the Labour Party can no longer support the local police reform.

“Labor thus abandons the biggest reorganisation of Norwegian police ever,” VG writes. The Labour party agreed to this with the Solberg government in 2015. The local police reform has led to a total reorganisation of the structure. Norway’s 27 police districts have been reduced to less than half, 12 to be exact.

“The idea of the reform was to improve the police. The government has, however, failed in several areas,” Støre tells the national newspaper.

The Party Leader emphasises that last year Labour said that the government had departed from the settlement and that they have been waiting for approved improvements. According to Støre, these have not come to fruition. He, therefore, believes that it is time to announce that his party can no longer support the reform.

One of the reasons why the reform has not become as intended, Støre believes is lack of leadership.

“There has been a total of seven Ministers of Justice in the Solberg government in this period alone,” he points out.


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Labour rides two horses

Current Minister of Justice, Jøran Kallmyr (Progress Party), thinks Labour is hard to take seriously.

“This is typical of «Wobbly Jonas» – if you ask me. The Labour Party is on the one side somehow attempting to be a responsible party, supporting major reforms, just as it has always done. Then the temptation to also being an opposition party becomes too big. They basically attempt to ride two horses at the same time,” he retaliates.

Kallmyr, however, emphasises that he takes the Labour mayors who have come with constructive criticism seriously.

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