Labour secures majority for emergency surgery in Odda

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Labour supports saving emergency surgery

Labour (Ap) supports saving emergency surgery in Odda.  There is a now a majority in the Parliament to dismiss the Minister of Health’s, Bent Høie (Conservatives), proposed closure.


The battle for continued surgical readiness was the main parole at the May 1st event in Odda. A number of key health politicians had taken the trip to participate in the .event.

The Labour Party’s Ruth Grung was able to declare that the party intends to support the functions the hospital has today. Thereby securing a majority in Parliament, according to NRK, who first publicized the case.

– We will ensure that the offer in Odda is maintained. But it is equally important to make sure that there is predictability in the future for all smaller sized hospitals, Grung told NSB.

Did not follow the wish of the Parliament

A week ago,  Minister of Health Bent Høie approved the decision of ‘Health West’ that the hospital in Odda would no longer have emergency surgery. But the opposition warned about a rematch for the hospital, as several parties point to as being particularly vulnerable both due to long distances and harsh weather conditions.

Labour has previously indicated that they were willing to deviate from its general rule that the Parliament should not go into individual cases when it comes to hospitals. Monday it was confirmed that also Labour endorses Odda.

– In the national health and hospital plan, clear guidelines were given for what should be used as a basis for emergency preparedness. We believe Høie has not followed up Parliament’s wish, says Grung.

– Odda was the only hospital that was sacrificed. One did not take into account distances and difficult weather conditions, as was the case with several of the other of the smallest hospitals, she says.

Grung, who is the case officer in the health and care committee, hopes that the Conservatives and the Progress Party will give their support.

– It is desirable to have bipartisan consensus, but I realize that it may be hard to swallow. We are working on formulating a text that they too can vouch for, she says.

Hopeless situation

However, there is little to suggest that the Conservative Party (Høyre) or the Progress Party (FrP) will give their support to the opposition proposals. Both parties pointed out that Høies hospital plan remains unchanged.

– A hospital plan has been approved by a majority. If one is to move all the decisions to the Parliament, it becomes a hopeless situation, says Health Policy spokeswoman Kari Kjønaas Kjos in the Progress Party.

The Conservatives’ Kristin Ørmen Johnsen find it difficult to comment on the case while it is still under consideration by the Committee. Before the various parties’ comments come in, one can only note that there are rumblings from individual representatives, she says.

– We support the Minister of Health’s handling. Odda shall henceforth have surgical assessment expertise, and it becomes an interpretation of what that entails. We must clarify the committee’s work, says Johnsen.

Both the Socialist Party (SV) and Christian Democrats (KrF) have proposals on treatments offered in Odda that include emergency services . The Center Party and Liberals have on several occasions clearly stated that they will retain the services offered at the hospital. The Health and Care Committee will deliver its opinion in the case on May 9th.

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