Large occurences of poisonous mushrooms in Central Norway

MushroomMushroom expert keeps a chanterelle (left), which are edible, and a giftslørsopp (right), which is very toxic, : Vegard Grøtt / NTB scanpix

Mushrooms Experts and enthusiasts warns of large amounts of the poisonous mushroom lethal webcap during this year’s mushroom season in Trøndelag.

– This year it’s absolutely everywhere, and that’s unusual. This fungus cause the largest number of serious  poisonings in Central Norway.

I am afraid we will get cases of poisoning  this year as well, director  in Trondheim Fungicides and crop association, Tijana Gajic says to the newspaper Adresseavisen.

She recommends mushroom pickers to never eat anything they are unsure of, and take the opportunity to visit a mushroom control if they are not sure whether all the contents in their baskets are safe to eat. Just a small amount of lethal webcaps can cause severe intoxication with life-threatening kidney damage.

The growth conditions have been very good in many places in the country, with the combination of a hot early summer and a damp school holiday. After seven years without public support, money was allocated to the mushroom controls in   the national budget this year.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today