Rough weather in Central Norway

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Rough weather in Trøndelag and Møre & Romsdal

Central parts of Norway are hit by really rough weather containing the whole package of thunder, lightning, snow, rain and hail on Monday as a result of a polar low pressure.


An extreme wind force was recorded on the coast of Trøndelag during the Night before Monday. The meteorological station at Ørlandet measured a gust of 54.6 metres per second, which corresponds to 196.6 kilometres per hour and is the strongest wind gust recorded there since measurements started in 1982, writes Adresseavisen.

Light show

In addition to strong wind, there have been 50 lightning strikes in  Trøndelag during the last 24 hours, according to the Meteorological Institute’s map of the activity. The lightning and thunder activity led to an unparalleled light show, the newspaper writes. Several experienced black-outs in the morning hours.

The police in Trøndelag received several inquiries in the morning hours from worried persons who were awakened by the storm.

Affects mountain crossings and ferry connections

The bad weather with heavy winds and snow showers has led to more challenges in the morning hours, including difficult driving conditions for the traffic. A number of mountain crossings were closed completely or had convoys imposed on them.

On the West coast of Norway, the storm made difficulties for several ferry connections.

Numerous Hazard Warnings

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has issued several hazard warnings. There is a large hazard of avalanches, among other places, Trollheimen, Romsdal, Sunnmøre and inner parts of Fjordane. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has also sent out a yellow hazard warning for winds up to gale force, as well as informing about extremely challenging driving conditions.

It is expected that the storm will continue throughout Monday, with heavy winds especially around the coastal areas, but it is expected that the wind will gradually decrease from storm to gale through the evening. The Meteorological Institute warns that you should take extra care if you are venturing outdoors, let the boat lie and be aware of rapid weather changes.

Motorists who are going to drive are advised to make sure to use tires that are suited to the local conditions.


Credit: Engle Mark Unlayao.

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