Law against throwing food away

Krf Line Hjemdal foodMP for Krf, Line Hjemdal. Photo: Stortinget

KrF asks the Government to put in place law against throwing food away quickly

The Christian Democrats (Kristelig Folkeparti) welcomes the agreement on food loss between the food industry and the Government, but urges the authorities to get a food throwing act in place quickly.


– KrF wants a food disposal act and is now impatient for the Government to complete the work in order to find a good model for Norway. I think more than one industry agreement is needed, although I’m glad for what is done and that they have set high goals, says Member of Parliament, Line Henriette Hjemdal (KrF), to NTB.

She points out that countries like France and Italy already have addressed the problem.

– Norway should not be any worse. To achieve the goal, everyone must contribute. Such a law will bring down the food loss in the grocery industry and send a clear signal to consumers that food that can be eaten should be eaten instead of thrown away, she says.

FIVH (Fremtiden i våre hender)

KrF proposes a law imposing on the grocery industry and the food industry to give away edible food that they can not sell so that people who are in need will get it.

The future in our hands (FIVH) means the agreement is not concrete enough, even though the goals and intentions are good. FIVH also wants a separate foodstuffs act where the stores are required to have an agreement to donate surplus food to charitable organizations.

The goal behind the agreement that was signed on Friday, is to halve food loss by 2030.


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