Lightning season in southern Norway


July is traditionally the worst month of the year for thunder and lightning. Insurance companies have warned of possible damage these can cause to computers, televisions and fridges.


Figures from the Meteorological Institute show that last year, nearly 90,000 lightnings strikes were registered across Norway, almost 50,000 of them in July. Eastern Norway is the most exposed region to summer’s electric storms, and this is where the most lightning strikes are registered.

More than half of lightning damage reported to insurance companies in 2016 occurred in July and August, according to Finans Norge statistics.

There are rarely lightning strikes leading to large fires, but with a lot of costly electronic damage, the claims can still be great. Last year, Norwegian insurance companies paid out 205 million after lightning losses, according to Finans Norge’s figures.

‘Unplug expensive electronic equipment before you go on holiday, and get surge protection’, encouraged risk manager, Arild Juell-Andersen, of If.

Arvid Steen of Tryg Forsikring (Tryg Insurance) spoke about leaks from tinned foods in cupboards that have caused damage to housing, costing hundreds of thousands of kroners, with flooring needing to be replaced, and several rounds of stench remediation as a result.



© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today