Lightning strikes in dry woods and forests area cause a fire hazard in several counties

LightningLightning.Photo: Per Løchen / NTB scanpix

The possibility of lightening and thunderstorms in several counties that have had long hot summer weather, creates a great forest fire hazard. Firefighters in southern Norway are on standby.


Prolonged dry and hot summer weather has created extreme forest fires across large parts of southern Norway. Thunderstorm warnings, worsen the danger so much that the Meteorological Institute now issues more hazard warnings.

– Inner regions in Trøndelag south of Trondheimsfjorden, inner areas of western Norway south of the city, Hedmark and Oppland may experience lightning alternately Tuesday and Wednesday, says meteorologist Elbjørg Moxnes to the NTB.

So far this year there have been over 300 forest fires, almost as many as last year. The Inland Alarm Center, which operates in counties that have now received the warnings, says they are now on standby.

“Unfortunately, it is an expected weather forecast, that there will be thunderstorms right after warm periods,” says head of department Trond Brenden of the Inland alarm center to NTB.

The head of department says he has registered a number of forest fires in Hedmark and Oppland this year, but points out that this increase also occurs on a national basis.

“We have seven flight clubs that assist in forest fire surveillance across large areas. There is a plane in the air right now. Additionally, people are good at reporting of fires quickly so we are able to extinguish a fire faster. We have therefore not had big forest fires here, only small ones, he says.


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