Listhaug critical of Imam invitation, and will deny hate speech religious leader entry to Norway

Sylvi ListhaugSylvi Listhaug (Progress Party). Photo: Progress Party

Immigration Minister, Sylvi Listhaug of Fremskrittsparti (Frp) reacted strongly to the controversial Imam, Said Rageah being invited to speak to a Muslim community in Stavanger.


Eighteen years ago, a talk by the Imam was canceled in Sweden after controversial statements made by him came to light, wrote Rogaland’s newspaper.The Islamic Training Center in Stavanger, has invited the Islamic pastor from Canada to speak to the Muslim community in Hillevåg.

Rageah said, among other things, that those who blasphemed should be sentenced to death, and that women should only leave the home if necessary.

‘If this Imam is a supporter of the death penalty for blasphemy, then it is completely reprehensible, and incompatible with Norwegian and Western values,’ wrote Listhaug in an email to the newspaper.

The government also wrote that they are working on a bill that enables a list of hate preachers to be denied entry to Norway because they pose a threat to public order. Listhaug pointed out that Denmark already has such a list.

The Islamic Training Center is the largest Muslim community in Rogaland, and is a member of the Muslim Council in Rogaland. NRK news has visited the mosque in Stavanger, where Rageah was to hold lectures,but the mosque has not yet allowed the minister to interview them.

‘When we tolerate Hege Storhaug, and other critics of Islam, we must tolerate Muslims inviting those who hold violent opinions, as long as they don’t encourage legal violations,’ said Council spokesperson, Summer Ejaz.


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