Malaysia critical of Norwegian palm oil ban

Palm oil

Malaysia critical of Norwegian palm oil ban

Malaysia believes that Norway’s plans to ban biofuel containing palm oil will be a major obstacle in trade negotiations between Malaysia and EFTA.


Palm oil is used as raw material for the production of biofuels, but is also used in the production of everything from biscuits to lipsticks. But the palm oil industry is also accused of contributing to deforestation, which in turn contributes to the eradication of endangered animal species and threatens vulnerable indigenous groups living in the rainforests.

Norwegian authorities are planning to ban fuel containing palm oil. This is not well received by Malaysia, which is a major producer of palm oil.

“Norway’s position against palm oil will affect the bilateral negotiations on a trade agreement between Malaysia and EFTA,” said Malaysia’s Minister of Business Teresa Kok, according to Reuters.

“We consider this to be unfair, which goes against free and fair trade. This is certainly not something we want to take lightly,” Kok says further.

She emphasizes that Norway’s attitude to palm oil constitutes a “very big obstacle” in trade negotiations.

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