Man charged with murder in Asker

Man charged with murder in AskerMan charged with murder in Asker.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

A 20 year old man has been arrested and charged with murder after a man was found dead in a residence in Asker on Tuesday night.

‘We visited the residence after receiving a concerned message from a neighbor’, said detective chief Ketil Thue of the Police in Asker and Bærum to the news agency NTB.

The death occurred in the large terraced area of Åbyfaret in Vettre in Asker. The police received the message from a next door neighbour to the victim at 18.37. At the site, they found a dead man and the accused.

Theory of identity

‘The arrest took place without incident’, said Thue.

‘We attempted resuscitation, but it was unsuccessful’, said the head of the crime department.

The death is being investigated as a possible homicide. The arrested man is being charged under Criminal Code provisions relating to murder, and has been taken to the central jail in Oslo, according to NTB.

The dead man isn’t yet named, but police have a theory about his identity. The newspaper Budstikka and TV2 news believe it was a father and son of Somali origin who lived at the residence; and it was the father who was killed.

A Budstikke reporter at the scene was told about a neighbor who saw a young man running from the apartment where the dead man was later found.

The accused man was covered in blood when he walked to a neighboring apartment. There, he was given help to alert the police.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today