Man critically injured after stabbing in central Oslo

Stabbing in OsloStabbing in Oslo.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

A man was critically injured after a stabbing in Storgata in Oslo on Saturday night. Two other men were seriously injured.

The police were notified of the knife attack, which happened near Brugata on Sunday morning at 02.05.

“A man was stabbed with a knife and lay on the ground, while another person was seen running from the place” said operations manager, Vidar Pedersen to NTB news.

‘’When the emergency services arrived, there was a person there who was stabbed in the stomach. He was quickly taken care of by ambulance personnel and driven straight to the operating table at Ullevål Hospital. The
hospital confirmed that he had been stabbed with a knife’’ said Pedersen.

Critically injured

The man was in his late 30s. Two men in their 20s, who also went to the emergency room, are in serious but not life-threatening condition, Pedersen said at 04.30.

‘’Both are linked to the incident in Storgata, and it was confirmed that they had been involved in the fight there. Witnesses confirmed that another person ran from the site, and we are looking for him’’ said Pedersen. At 04.30 on Sunday morning, no arrests had been made connected to the case.

‘’We are still working on finding the fourth person, as well as working at the scene’’ said the operations manager. Crime technicians were called out to the site after the stabbing.

Unknown cause

Pedersen said they do not know what was the reason for the knife attack.

‘’The man who is critically injured has not yet been questioned. There has been some dialogue with the other two, but we have not received any significant information from them to date. We hope that they will tell us more over time.’’

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