The wage gap is the largest in finance

Saltvedt wage gapAnalyst at Nordea Markets, Thina Saltvedt. Photo: Nordea

The wage gap between the sexes is largest in finance

The wage gap between men and women is the largest in the Norwegian financial sector.

Male financial brokers earn almost twice as much as their female colleagues, according to Nettavisen.

This is revealed by calculations made by Nettavisen based on recent figures from Statistics Norway (SSB).

According to the calculations, male financial brokers earn an average of NOK 109,930 a month, while women earn just over half as much, NOK 61,270 a month.

Among financial and economic managers, the difference is somewhat less – with a NOK 24,740 difference in average monthly earnings.

“We belong to an industry that has been very much characterised by men. It is perhaps the last white collar industry in which men make up the majority. We wish to do something about that. We would like to reach out to young women and inform that working in finance is extremely exciting,” Analyst of Nordea Markets, Thina Saltvedt, tells Nettavisen.

“Why should men and women not have equal pay in this industry?” She rhetorically asks.

Saltvedt calls for a change of attitude and believes the leaders must know their time and place.

“What we observe in the recruitment to management positions is that men recruit men. Now it’s high time that we ladies take our place, she concludes.”

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  1. Wrong. You can’t divide the earnings of all men to the earnings of all women. Why don’t feminist know this?

    Watch- a business employs 7 men and 3 women. Everyone’s paid the same! (<—remember this) at the end of the week, the men show more ‘earnings’ than the 3 women.

    Was jack paid more then Jill?

    Salary pay.. ok, replace ‘everyone’s paid the same’ everyones ‘paid the same salary’ and you get the same answer.

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