Man dead after acupuncture treatment


A 64-year-old man from Bærum died in 2015 eight days after he received acupuncture treatment. The County Medical Officer (fylkeslegen) is now convinced that he most likely died because of the acupuncture treatment.

– We have concluded that the infection the patient received in his hand was most likely due to the acupuncture treatment, said the fylkeslegen Jan Petter Odden of Oslo and Akershus, to NRK.

The treatment he received was according to the guidelines.

– However, with any kind of piercing of the skin with needles there is the possibility for infection, even if you try to do this as sterile and clean as possible, says Odden.

Four days after the acupuncture treatment to his hand in February 2015, the man began to feel poorly, he threw up, had diarrhea and also complained of pain in his hand.

His fever rose and he was speaking incoherently. He ended up being admitted to Bærum Hospital after a visit to the emergency room, writes NRK.

A few days after he was admitted, the doctors decided to amputate his arm to try to save his life, but it was too late. The 64-year-old man died due to sepsis and multiple-organ failure.

Bærum hospital made a routine death report to the Health Authority and to the Asker and Bærum Police Department.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today