Will deny foreigners who receive social welfare permanent residence

immigrantImmigrant women.Photo: Norway Today Media

The government will tighten the requirements for foreigners seeking permanent residence in Norway.

This is according to the new hearing proposal from the Ministry of Justice.
If foreigners have received social welfare over the past 12 months cannot seek permanent residence, clarifies the government in a new hearing proposal.

– This will motivate foreigners to participate in the Norwegian society through work or education, and will have a positive effect on integration, says acting immigration and integration minister Per Sandberg in a statement.

The Parliament passed a law last summer which states that foreigners must have been self-sufficient in the past twelve months if they are to get permanent residence in Norway.

This means that they have to have a regular salary, been disabled pensioners, received a scholarship from the State Educational Loan Fund or other benefits from Nav not affected by the more restrictive requirements of income.

The requirement of self-sufficiency shall not apply to children, high school students, foreigners over 67 years and permanent disability. Exceptions may be made to the general rule for social assistance in certain cases.

The deadline for the hearing is 9th of May and it is expected to apply from spring 201


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today