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Man probably stabbed in Asker

Police at a cordoned off crime scene : Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

Man probably stabbed in Asker – several persons on the run

A man is transported to a hospital with serious injuries after a likely stabbing in Asker. Several persons were seen running away from the scene.

”The incident has occurred in, or in connection with, an apartment in Asker,” Operations Manager in Oslo Police District, Line Skott, informs NTB.

“We have few descriptions of the persons, so we have little to go on. A dog patrol is performing searches in the vicinity,” Skott tells the local newspaper Budstikka.

The sequence of events is unclear. The police have not yet been able to question the victim. The man was treated by ambulance personnel on-site –  before he was transported to the local hospital.

“the man suffers from severe injuries, but his condition is stable,” according to the police.

A neighbour of the victim notified the police. The informant stated that the man had been stabbed.

“We have no control over any knife, it can also be a sharp object,” Skott tells NTB.

The police have secured a number of objects in the apartment, but Skott does not wish to go into more detail regarding them.

The police are working on interrogating witnesses and searching for the presumed perpetrators.

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