More money for training at work

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The Government provides more money for training at work

The Government proposes in the revised national budget to add NOK 17 million more in the pot for training at the country’s workplaces.


Overall, the Government will allocate 197 million to the scheme Expertise Plus (kompetanse pluss) work this year. The scheme was formerly called the Program for Basic Competence in the workplace, BKA.

– This is an absolutely incredible arrangement which benefits people – and brings the high and mighty, overarching, discussions about restructuring and capacity building – down to Earth.

– It’s unbureaucratic and simple, and every year it’s a big boost to the scheme, so we want to strengthen it, says Minister of Knowledge, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (Conservatives), to NTB.

Through the scheme, companies can apply to provide employee training in basic skills in reading, writing, billing, ICT or for Norwegian or Sámi education. The additional allocation in the revised budget is particularly intended to be used to strengthen digital literacy for adults.

Companies in a number of industries use the scheme, which provides support for courses and schooling during working hours.

– It is used for everything from teaching employees the use of the job’s new operating systems – to Norwegian language education at workplaces that have many employees, who need to learn Norwegian, says Isaksen.

Over 53,000 workers have been educated at work since the start in 2006. It is documented that the training leads to fewer mistakes, better reporting and motivated employees. In addition, several employees are prepared to take a certificate, according to the Norwegian Competence Authority (Kompetanse Norge), who is responsible for the scheme.


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