Most people fear meeting foreign trucks in traffic

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A recent study shows that most Norwegian motorists fear in traffic is meeting up with foreign transport trucks.

55 percent of those surveyed point out foreign lorries as their biggest fear in a survey YouGov conducted for Frende Forsikring.

  • “When we see that foreign trucks get stuck in the mountains driving with summer tires, are stopped in traffic controls or take fire in tunnels, it is clear that people notice,” says Roger Ytre-Hauge, who is the engine manager at Frende Forsikring.

Several double trailer trucks are driving on the roads with tires that are unsuitable for winter weather in Norway. This causes many to end up in a ditch.

In October, Transport Minister Jon Georg Dale (FRP) announced that heavy vehicle requirements will be tightened from winter. This includes increased funds for controls and increased requirements for tires and equipment.

  • “Stricter requirements for winter tires on double Semi trucks and money for multiple checks are good measures,” says Ytre-Hauge.

Figures from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration show that 18 percent of fatal accidents on Norwegian roads in 2018 were collisions between passenger cars with transport trucks, buses or trolleys. The two types of accidents that occur most often are head on collisions and driving into traffic.

Further on the list of what motorists were asked that they feared the most in traffic are icy roads and crossing animals.

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