Still over 30,000 uninsured vehicles in Norway

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33,821 Norwegian vehicles are still without insurance, despite the fact that those who did not insure their vehicles for one year have received fines of NOK 150 per day.

This shows figures from the Traffic Safety Insurance, according to P4.

I do not understand that people dare to drive vehicles without insurance, it is completely incomprehensible, says manager Roger Stenseth in the Traffic Safety Insurance, who issues the fees.

Last year, road tax became part of the car insurance, and from March 5 2018, everyone with uninsured vehicles was charged a daily fine of NOK 150 per day.

A daily fine of NOK 150 each day for one year amounts to NOK 18,250 in fines. Then it is cheaper to have insurance, says Stenseth.

Without insurance, the car owner is personally responsible for those accidents.

One can end up owing many millions in compensation. The second point is that if a driver is injured in an accident , then one will not get the compensation one would have been entitled to, says Stenseth.

However, the number of uninsured vehicles were halved from March 2018, when there were 69,397 uninsured vehicles in Norway.

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