Mother sentenced to prison for abduction of child

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Mother sentenced to prison for abduction of her daughter

A Norwegian mother must go to jail after taking her daughter out of Norway illegally. Attorney Sjak R. Haaheim believes the sentence can work as a deterrent to other parents.


A 37-year-old woman is in the Supreme Court sentenced to four months in prison after abducting her minor daughter from Rogaland to the UK, NRK writes.

Half a year after the woman and the father of the child agreed to a court settlement on shared parental responsibility and care, the woman took her daughter and left the country. Over the phone, she then informed her former cohabitant “that he would not see her daughter again” it is stated in the Supreme Court verdict.

Sentence reduced due to time passed

The 37-year-old woman was sentenced to imprisonment for six months in the District Court; the Court of Appeal lowered the sentence to four months because the case had taken time. The Supreme Court maintained the verdict from the Court of Appeal.

Lawyer Sjak R. Haaheim believes the verdict is a crystal clear signal to parents who are planning to take children out of Norway illegally and believes it can act as a deterrent.

– If you are to interpret the Supreme Court, they think that a normal penal level should be a six month unconditional imprisonment. A fairly significant punishment, says the lawyer to NRK.

Haaheim is one of only 24 lawyers who are listed on the Justice Department’s list of specialists in child abduction cases.


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  1. Its a symptom of a deeper problem in Norway..regarding decisions based on lies in Custody …hearings.
    The court has a duty to insist on truth..and proof ..and avoid discrimination against non Norwegian parents..failure to do so is why Norway is currently facing a queue of 26 charges filed at the International Court of Human Rights.
    In one case.. a Sexual Predator and Rapist, uneducated and a psychopath was granted custody ..over a perfectly respectable decent mother not Norwegian..but from a more civilized country..that is xenophobia carried to an extreme.
    Imprisonment as a deterrent?
    I am not convinced this case is quite what it seems..look what is behind the story.

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