MP’s demand insight in the Royal House

Royal Palace Castle Royal HouseThe Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway. Photo Norway Today Media

MP’s demand insight in the finances of the Royal House

Several MP’s demand that the Norwegian Royal House publicize the use of money and the management of state owned properties.


The Royal House annually spend several tens of millions of Norwegian kroner from the state budget on maintenance and renovation of state owned buildings, and often private companies are hired to do the work. Much of this happens without the public being given access to information regarding these activities.

– When there is public money involved, there should be a very high degree of openness about how it is managed, says Labour Party representative, Stein Erik Lauvås, to Dagbladet. He is a member of the Municipal and Management committee of the Parliament, which controls the cash flow to the Norwegian Royal House.

He is supported in his views by fellow Committee member, Willfred Nordlund (Centre Party).

More transparency

– The Parliament has asked the Royal House to be more transparent in the future and give them praise for doing just that in some areas. That should not lead to them resting on their laurels, and I urge the Royal House and the Norwegian Court to show more openness in money matters. This will ensure improved possibility to review how the funds granted by the Parliament is actually being spent, Nordlund says to the newspaper.

Last week, Dagbladet disclosed that a painters company, were the CEO is under police investigation for financial crimes, was awarded a large job at the Royal Palace in Oslo. In sharp contrast to the Norwegian state owned builders, Statsbygg, who provided the newspaper with a detailed overview regarding bills amounting to NOK 20 million, as well as the names of subcontractors and minutes of meetings, the Royal House does not wish to provide similar information or comment on the matter.


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