Municipalities asked to settle 5,000+ refugees


Municipalities requested to settle over 5,000 refugees

The Integration and Diversity Directorate (IMDi) has asked Norwegian municipalities to settle 5,350 refugees next year, the same amount as this year.


However, the proportion of unaccompanied minors to be settled in the next year was reduced. 150 of the refugees ordered by the municipalities are unaccompanied minors, against 270 in 2018.

Refugees are divided among municipalities according to a set of new criteria that will contribute to good integration according to IMDi. The main principle is still the spread and governed settlement, which means, among other things, that refugees will be settled throughout the country. In total, 235 municipalities have been asked to resettle refugees next year.

In addition, greater emphasis will be placed on refugees’ ability to get jobs in the region and the municipality’s integration results.

‘’Refugees must be settled in both small and large municipalities. We are committed to settling refugees in municipalities where the possibilities for a good start are present. This includes good opportunities for education and work,” said Libe Rieber-Mohn, Director of the Integration and Diversity Directorate (IMDi).

Not all municipalities who have previously resettled refugees were asked to resettle refugees next year.

“Now it is important that municipalities that do not settle new refugees maintain a good offer for refugees already living in the municipality. Many refugees are out of permanent work,’’ said Rieber-Mohn.


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