Killings and Murders in Norway 2018

Ueland Vesterhagen, Flowers KillingsFlowers and candles in memory of Louisa and Maren at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen, Friday 28th December 2018. Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Norwegian Maren Ueland were killed near Imlil in Morocco during a trek. Photo: Thomas Sjørup / Ritzau Scanpix / NTB scanpix

Killings and murders in Norway 2018

So far this year, Norwegian police have started investigating 27 murder cases or cases involving violence following death. Altogether there are 28 victims in the cases.

  • January 1st: 47-years-old Azad Hamam is killed in a meeting accident on the E18 near Larvik. The husband’s wife and three children were injured. A 21-years-old man who was driving against traffic is by Larvik District Court sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for an intentional car crash. He has appealed the verdict.
  • January 7th: A man in his thirties is charged with murdering his three-month-old daughter. She was admitted to Ullevål Hospital in Oslo with critical injuries on December 27th, 2017 and died January 7th, 2018. The mother is charged with passive involvement to violence. The family normally lives in Nordland but were in Oslo on vacation at the time.
  • January 13th: Janne Jemtland (36) is found dead on the riverbed of the Glomma River in Våler municipality in Hedmark. On December 10th, her husband was sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment by the District Court for having shot his wife in the head with a pistol and submerging her until she drowned. The verdict is appealed.
  • February 26th: Robin André Svendsen (29) dies shortly after he was stabbed during a brawl at Brunholmen in Ålesund. A 30-years-old man was sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison for the murder in October. He has appealed the verdict.
  • February 10th: A 70-years-old woman is found dead in an apartment at Landås in Bergen. The 43-years-old son is arrested in the apartment and is charged with murder. The man is deemed unaccountable.
  • March 10th: A man in his thirties dies after being shot with a gun in a habitat in Nittedal in Akershus. A 46-years-old man is charged with intentional murder. He claims that it was an accident and he was released from custody in April pending treatment by the court.
  • March 12th: A Polish man (31) is found shot and critically injured in a garage at Bjørndal in Oslo. He dies the day after in the hospital from the injuries. A 32-years-old Norwegian Pakistani is charged with the murder. The Polish man was a random victim and did not know the accused.
  • March 23rd: A 21-years-old man is found dead outside a block of flats in Fyllingsdalen in Bergen around 5 am. Another 21-years-old man has explained that he hit his friend in the head with a bottle before he shoved him out from the appartment on the sixth floor. He is charged with murder.
  • April 9th: The 38-years-old Moroccan woman Houda Lamsaouri is found dead in her home at Notodden in Telemark. Her former husband, a 53-years-old from Syria, is arrested and charged with murder two days later.
  • June 28th: A man in his sixties is critically injured in a violent incident at an institution for homeless people in Drammen on June 26th. He dies two days later. A man in his thirties has been arrested and charged with intentional manslaughter. The accused will most likely be transferred to forced psychiatric care.
  • July 1st: 27-years-old Veronika Kocabkova is critically injured in a stabbing at Tiffani Café at Frogner in Oslo. She dies a week later. A 51-years-old man, a fellow Czech citizen, is charged with murder. He has a child together with the woman.
  • July 14: 18-years-old Håvard Pedersen gets stabbed at work at Coop Byggmix in Vadsø. He is declared dead shortly after. An 18-years-old man who came to Norway as a minor asylum seeker from Afghanistan in 2015, is charged with the murder, which was committed when he allegedly was 17-years-old. The police believe the man is factually a 20-years-old man from Pakistan. The judicial psychiatric experts believe he was psychotic when the murder occurred, and the prosecuting authority pleaded for forced psychiatric care when the case was brought before the court in December.
  • July 30th: 13-years-old Sunniva Ødegård is found dead at Varhaug in Rogaland. A now 18-years-old boy from the same place is charged with murder.
  • August 19th: A woman in her twenties is stabbed and killed in a home in Kapellveien at Kjelsås in Oslo. A man in his twenties is arrested and charged with murder. Both were asylum seekers with temporary residence in Norway. The police think they were in a relationship.
  • September 14th: A man in his forties and his 13-years-old son are found dead by gunshot wounds in a home on Elverum in Hedmark. Police believe the father killed his son before taking his own life.
  • September 17th: Nasratullah Hashimi (19) and Reza Alizada (17) are killed in a residence for asylum seekers in Prinsens gate in central Trondheim. A 19-years-old man, who is shot in the leg during the arrest at Trondheim Central Station, is charged with the murders. All those involved have a background from Afghanistan.
  • September 17th: A 24-years-old woman from Sudan is found dead after a fire in a basement apartment in Egersund. Her 28-years-old husband, also from Sudan, is the following day charged with murder. He denies having killed his wife.
  • September 26th: A 49-years-old woman is killed by a firearm in an apartment at Oppsal in Oslo. A man in his fifties is arrested on the scene. The man, who allegedly was the woman’s boyfriend, claims that the weapon went off by accident.
  • October 15th: Heikki Bjørklund Paltto (24) from Mysen Østfold is stabbed to death in an apartment in Arbo’s gate on Majorstuen in Oslo. The Swedish citizen Makaveli Lindén (20) is arrested by the police in France one week after the murder. He will probably be handed over to Norway early next year.
  • October 31th: A 16-years-old girl is killed by knife on Vinstra in Nord-Fron municipality in Oppland. A 16-years-old boy is arrested and charged with the murder.
  • November 22nd: Stig Anders Johansen (35) from Stokmarknes is found dead in an apartment on Sortland in Vesterålen. A man in his late thirties is charged with intentional murder.
  • November 26th: A man in his late sixties is found dead on Friday 23rd November after a fire in a municipal apartment at Leirsund in Skedsmo municipality. On Monday, November 26th, two men aged 32 and 57 were arrested and charged with the murder.
  • November 29th: A 43-years-old two-years-old mother who was found severely injured in Hurum on Tuesday, November 27th, dies in a hospital in Oslo. The woman’s cohabitant (58) is charged with serious bodily harm resulting in death.
  • December 14th: A woman in her thirties is charged with gross bodily harm resulting in death after a 52-years-old woman is thrown out from a porch on the second floor of a house in Larvik. The incident occurred in November.
  • December 15th: A 37-years-old Latvian man is charged with knife murder on Piotr Bogusz (57) in Holmenkollen in Oslo. The murder took place late at night during a Christmas party in the ski club’s rental lavvo [Samí tent].
  • December 23th: A 27-years-old man from Sandnes in Rogaland is charged with killing his 55-years-old father with blunt force to the head. It was the accused himself who notified the police. He has acknowledged guilt for the murder. Father and son were both Finnish citizens, the father originally from Morocco.
  • December 28th: A man in his thirties is charged with killing his wife in their home in Sarpsborg. The couple’s two minor children were present in the home. The man also stands accused of negligent murder of a four-month-old son in 2017.
  • December 17th: [1] Maren Ueland (28) from Bryne and Danish Louisa Vesterager Jespersen was found killed nearby a hiking trail in Toubkal National Park in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Moroccan police associate the murders with extremist Islamists (ISIL) and have stated that it is an act of terror. Four men are arrested and charged with the murders. They have declared themselves as affiliated with the Islamist group ISIL. A total of 18 men have so far been arrested in the course of the investigation.

[1] This case did not occur in Norway, but both girls where students in Norway.

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