Muslim online dating service hacked

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Personal information of 150,000 members from dating services Muslim Match has been published online, reports the BBC.

In addition, over 700,000 private messages between network society members were leaked as a result of hackers, according to the British broadcaster.
– We are made aware of an alleged security breach, and we are reviewing our systems as we work to rectify the situation and sharpen our safety, according to a statement from the Muslim Match the dating service’s website.

The leaked details include sensitive information, such as whether a member is open to polygamy. The theft was discovered by Tony Hunt, who runs a website for notification of data security.

In addition to names and email addresses hackers have revealed detailed information about members’ employers, residence, marital status and whether they have converted to Islam, according to the technology website Motherboard, as the BBC refers to.

Muslim Match describing the service as on their Facebook page: “Single, divorced, widowed and married Muslims who gather and share ideas, thoughts and find  suitable marriage partners.”
Most of the users who are affected by the hackers are believed to live in Britain, the US and Pakistan. The operation of the site is temporarily suspended. The company states that it will stay closed until Ramadan is over later this week.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today





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  1. Lee m. Tran | 5. July 2016 at 09:17 |

    That is fantastic to close it for now…..if. They truly say that their Websites is advertising on FACEBOOK, and get hacked.????…That is meant Facebook security that is BAD.
    The giant network Facebook MUST do anything to protect our Informations…..

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