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Nearly 100 drivers caught in speed controls in Hedmark

Nearly 100 taken in speed control in HedmarkNearly 100 taken in speed control in Hedmark.Photo.Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

8 drivers lost their license and nearly 90 people received fixed penalties for speeding on Highway 3 through Oesterdalen north in Hedmark county.

– People are driving too fast through Oesterdalen. I would urge drivers to be a little easier on the right foot, said operations leader Trond Ola Berg in the Inland police to the news agency NTB
On Friday, 44 drivers got fined and 3 lost their license. Saturday, 43 people  got fined and 5 were reported and had their driving license confiscated on the spot. The controls were carried out in Atna and on the stretch between Alvdal and Tynset. It was mainly cars that broke the speed limit.
I can not answer for UP, but I do not think the controls end with this, says operational manager.
Maximum speed was 117 km / h in the 80  zone Friday and 133 km / h Saturday.
It also set up distance measuring between Barkald and Alvdal on highway 3. According to Berg some driving licenses will be “lost”  on that stretch as well.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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