Nearly 40 men arrested in Operation Infinity

Computer crimeComputer crime.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Police in Oslo have arrested a total of 36 men in a targeted investigation of networks that involve downloading and sharing sexual abuse material against children.

In June 2016, Oslo Police District established a separate section for investigating electronic tracks in sexual offences. Shortly after, Operation Infinity was created, and the arrests are a result of that reported VG newspaper.

Up to December last year, the operation had created 584 cases. They have uncovered at least 300,000 files that sexualise children or display child sexual abuse, and have read at least four million chat lines. A total of 36 men have been arrested. Some of them are already convicted and sentenced.

Last year, the section at the Oslo Police District registered that nearly 4,400 unique IP addresses downloaded abuse material in the Oslo area.Together they downloaded and shared at least 11.7 million files with abuse material.

‘’The purpose of the operation is to stop ongoing abuse against children and prevent it happening in the future. Operation Infinity investigated people chatting and sharing abuse material with others or who are in a network that has the same interest in child abuse’’ said police lawyer, Lene Hammersland of Oslo police district.

Up to now, Operation Infinity has found 20,000 user accounts that have been involved in child abuse networks.

‘’The more we work, the more things we discover. It will not be less’’ said Hammersland.

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