New case of deer disease CWD in Norway

deerDeer. Photo:

A caribou in Sogn og Fjordane has been diagnosed with the disease Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). It is the fourth time this disease has been found in Norway.

The disease was discovered in a reindeer during a mapping program in conjunction with the hunt, said the FSA. The reindeer was shot in the same area in northern mountains that the first case of the disease was discovered in spring.

To date, 100 reindeer in this area have been tested, and all other samples have been negative.
Previously, the disease was detected in one caribou in Lærdal in April and two moose in Trøndelag in May.

– We consider it still the case that there is very little risk for the disease to infect humans, but to be on the safe side we do not want meat from animals that test positive to be eaten, says senior adviser Orhan Åmdal in section animal health in FSA.

15,000 animalsare to be tested under the auspices of the Food Safety Authority and Environment Agency this year. Hunters and others who see a sick or dead deer, must notify the FSA.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today