New government strategy for increasing organic production

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In recent years there has been a strong growth in demand for organic food. On Friday, the government presented a new strategy to increase production.


The government will also establish a separate dialogue forum and an ecology program aimed at developing organic production in response to demand from consumers.
“The strong growth in organic food sales provides opportunities for Norwegian farmers wanting to develop or increase their organic production. In particular, there is a lot of potential for organic vegetables, cereals, and fruits,” said the Minister of Agriculture and Food Jon Georg Dale (Frp).
The new strategy will replace the old one, which had a target of a 15 percent increase production of ecological food by 2020, Nationen writes.
The strategy, which will be in effect from 2018 to 2030, includes these goals:
 – Establish an ecology program that is based on meeting challenges in different parts of the value chain and contributing to a targeted and effective use of resources over the agricultural agreement.
 – Create a dialogue forum with participation from key actors within production, processing, sales and consumption of organic food. The starting point is the need for more coordinated efforts between different actors and organisations involved in organic food at various points of the value chain.


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