Uses ROV to do under water cleaning

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Rovision was established last year and has developed a thruster based ROV fishing net cleaner for the farming industry. ROV stands for s a remote-controlled underwater vehicle.

The newly developed solution contributes to less damage to the nets compared to traditional net cleaners and can therefore contribute to less salmon escapes. Also it contributes to both reduce time and water consumption considerably, according to

The Robot washer can also be used in washing ship hulls, boats and barges.

Big interest

The Sula based company has received good feedback for the idea.

– There are many in the industry who is watching the technological development and products that can simplify operations, says Trond Johansen.

They have also been contacted by suppliers of closed fishing pens to come up with a solution for the washing of their systems.

– In addition they wish for us to develop a solution based on vacuum technology for collection of and bringing to the surface of waste. We also make a similar solution for traditional pens, says Johansen.

Last year they received NOK 1.4 million in R & D grants for the development of the ROV cleaner. Dei has also received NOK 700,000 from Frey Aqua service and Frey West, which is the industrial partner that they have cooperated with in connection to the project.

– We have plans to start production of the ROV in June, says Johansen.

Rovision is owned by Trond Johansen, Gavin A. Innes, Mari Equipment AS and Lars Erik Ålhus.

Gazelle Company last year

Trond Johansen is also central to the company Mari Equipment, of which he owns (approximately 30 percent) together with CFlow.

Mari Equipment was established in 2012 and delivers ROV solutions, underwater cameras and underwater lighting based on LED technology.

The company are involved in both sales and service of ROV’s and rents out ROV’s for drilling and fastening of anchor bolts. They have had good growth since its inception and was last year also named a gazelle company (innovative company in Norway). In 2015 the turnover was NOK 4.4 million. The company has four employees.

– The development of the company has gone fast, and we’ve had a doubling of the turnover each year. We now need to add several employees, both ROV pilots and people with automation expertise, says Johansen.

 Thinks of growth

Mari Equipment’s was early out with their technology, and was the first to provide services linked to ROV drilling and anchor bolts.

– We have long experience from the oil and gas industry and the like, and we see that equipment is often undersized in relation to the work to be done. This provides a huge potential for growth in the Marked, says Johansen.


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