New September weather record

SunSun.Photo: Norway Today Media

Hokksund and Buskerud set new records for the number of summer weather days in September. Until now there have been 18 of them, and they could get a couple more.

The old record was set in Tafjord Møre og Romsdal and Skotterud in Hedmark they shared,the record with 16 days, informed meteorology consultant Jan Inge Hansen at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute to news agency NTB.

There are also two other places in Buskerud – Drammen and Sigdal that have surpassed the old record, according to the meteorologists’.

Not below 20 degrees

The international definition of summer says the temperature does not fall below 25 degrees during the day until at 8:00pm, holding at 20 degrees can be called a Nordic summer.

– Strictly speaking Monday and Tuesday is where there appears to be opportunities for more summer weather. After this it looks like temperature will be going down. We are waiting for a little rain and lower temperatures, says Jan Inge Hansen.

Hot in the west

Last week there were reports of a number of local September records, and it was especially this way in the western parts of the country.

Thursday had Lysebotn in Rogaland at a temperature of 28 degrees, which is a new county record in September. It was also only half a degree away from setting the country’s record for the month. Three sites had 28.5 degrees in September.

The record belongs to Austad in Bygland in Setesdal (1901 1958 and 1991), Meråker station (1958) and Drammen Marienlyst (1991), according to the website Weather and Wind.

– We have calculated that the temperature in several places in southern Norway have been four degrees above normal temperature, said duty meteorologist Nina Larsgård at the Meteorological Institute

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today