Nine out of ten Norwegians feel less worried while out in nature, new survey shows

HikingPhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

Nine out of ten Norwegians say they feel less worried when they are out in nature, a new survey from Ipsos shows.

“Nature is worth its weight in gold for our mental health,” Bente Lier, Secretary-General of Norwegian Outdoors (Norsk Friluftsliv) who initiated the study, noted.

A total of 89% answered that they fully or partially agree that they feel less worried and more at ease in nature.

Adults between the ages of 25 and 39 reported the best effect of being outdoors. In this group, as many as 71% completely agree that they worry less when they are outside.

Norsk Friluftsliv encourages everyone to go outside and enjoy the fresh air at least once a day.

The results from the survey, which was conducted in November, are in line with figures from earlier this spring. 

In the spring, nine out of ten Norwegians also answered that they were less stressed during outdoor trips. 

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  1. Compared to the dangers of COVID19, the outdoors *would* seem safer. 🙂

    However, I’ve read that hoggorm bites are up, so people are going to have to try to stop petting them.

    Maybe to liven up the outdoors Norway needs some North American cougars … pumas … mountain lions … which do indeed go after women and children, if they think they can have a free meal.

    Or maybe the Russians would donate a Siberian tiger or two. 🙂

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