Nine patients infected with norovirus at nursing home in Bergen

Old womanOld woman

Nine people are infected with norovirus and have suffered from sickness at the Bergen’s Red Cross nursing home. Several departments are closed.

‘’We have implemented extensive measures to prevent further spread’’ said acting head consultant, Thea Marie Moell, to Bergensavisen newspaper.

Nine patients are isolated and the nursing home has therefore closed five out of eight wards. On three of them, they are confident that the residents have been infected by the virus. The other two are closed for the sake of critically ill and weak patients.

The nursing home is among the largest in Bergen, with 174 patients.

The first case of vomiting was reported on Christmas Day. Then, several people became ill, and this week the situation was described as critical.

‘’There is no suspicion about anything in the food. The first patient had probably got it from outside. Norovirus circulates in the population,
especially at this time of winter’’ said Moell. She reported that they are now getting control of the situation.

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