NITO: More and more employees in Norway are pressured into sharing corona information with management

Pfizer vaccinePhoto: AP Photo / Elaine Thompson

Multiple Norwegians are getting pressured to share their health information at work. The trade union NITO warns that such requests violate the Working Environment Act: “That is something bosses cannot ask.”

“Our answer is that the bosses can’t demand that employees inform them whether they have taken the vaccine or if they have had corona. That is private health information that management isn’t allowed to ask for,” legal manager Farah Ali in the trade union NITO told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

According to the union, multiple employees who refused to share corona information have experienced not being allowed to come to work. They have been banned from traveling on business trips and have been assigned other tasks, which is contrary to the Working Environment Act.

“Many people experience being rejected and getting less exciting work assignments. If you are assigned completely different tasks, that may be illegal. People must be treated equally regardless of their corona status, as long as the infection control measures are followed at work,” Ali told the national broadcaster.

Only employers with employees in the health sector can demand information related to the employees’ corona situation, as it can affect their work with vulnerable patients.

More than 3.9 million Norwegians have so far received at least one vaccine dose.

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