No one will take responsibility for luggage problems at Gardermoen

Oslo Airport.Gardermoen.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

A new baggage control system at Gardermoen is creating issues for travelers flying back to Norway and connecting through Oslo. SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) is blaming the Customs and Border Patrol Agency (Tollvesen).


The “domestic transfer” system is supposed to make it easier for passengers to check in their luggage through to their final destination  without having to check it in again at Gardermoen.

This summer there have been a lot of problems. Many passengers have been delayed and missed connecting flights as a result, flights have been delayed and bagage did not make it to the planes on time and resulting in having to be sent later, NRK reports.

SAS blames Customs and Border Patrol and believes that baggage are being screened too thoroughly.

“The baggage handling system is set up so that all incoming luggage goes through screening, this creates a very long queue,” says Ove Myrold, Director of Public Relations and Infrastructure in SAS.

The Customs and Border Patrol says they are not the bottleneck and, in turn, blames Avinor and capacity problems.

“There are not enough baggage handlers, this creates the long queue and delays at the baggage handling facility,” says Trond Osland, office manager at the Customs Office at Gardermoen.

As a result, luggage does not reach its next flight, and there is a consequence that the passenger may lose their flight too.

Avinor says the bottlenecks are not that big as to create such a problem and promise that everything will be better in the fall. The system will be evaluated later.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today