No verdict against Betew before 2018

Metkel Betew Scrooge Nokas Undercover agentsMetkel Betew is convicted of the Nokas robbery and in the Sult case. Photo: NTB Scanpix

No verdict against Betew before 2018

Metkel Betew and Lars Harnæs probably have to wait quite a while before Oslo District Court has decided whether the two have to face another spell of detention.


Friday, the three-month trial against the Nokas robber and the twelve others was closed in Oslo District Court. It will take a long time before the verdict is presented.

– The judge did not set a date for the verdict. It will be sometime in 2018, states Attorney General, Geir Evanger, to NTB.

For both of the two main suspects, Metkel Betew and former leader of Bandidos, Lars Harnæs, the prosecutor has filed claims for custodary detention. Betew who was released from 16-years of custodial detention he received after Nokas robbery in 2014, Evanger believes another custodial detention of 20 years is the only correct reaction. F For Lars Harnes, the prosecutor filed a claim for custodiary detention for fourteen years. The minimum for Betew the prosecutor thinks should be set at fourteen years and for Harnes, nine years.

– Assuming that they are judged according the accusation, the claim is within what is viewed as a reasonable response, says Evanger.


The criminal case against the total 13 men has been heavily criticized by the defenders. Several have stated that the police have been too keen to bring Betew down and therefore provoked illegal acts that would otherwise would not occur.

– If this is accepted, what will happen next? I do not know any cases that are close to this. The police are too keen and there is a need for a correction, says Betew’s defender, lawyer Marius Dietrichson in his procedure, according to NRK.

The three Danish policemen, who infiltrated the environment surrounding Betew, have witnessed anonymously during the long trial.

Meant to scare

The accusation against the 13 includes 14 cases including murder attempts on Imran Saber, drug imports, procurement of arms and plans for robbery of a money transfer aircraft at Gardermoen. Regarding the other eleven defendants, the prosecutor requires prison sentences of more than ten years for three of them. For the remainng seven, Evanger implied sentences ranging from two years and six months and up to eight years in prison, according to NRK.

Imran Saber is known as “Uncle Scrooge” and Minister of Finance for David Toska, the brain behind the Nokas robbery

Lars Harnes was apprehended in July 2016 when he was armed and wrapped in plastic to avoid DNA traces, used a stolen scooter to enter into the garage that Saber was in charge of. In court, Harnes stated that he was only supposed to scare Saber on behalf of a friend and that he had never met him in person.


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