NVE: Mountain area in Nordreisa can tumble down

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NVE: Mountain area in Nordreisa can tumble down

NVE has put a mountain area in Troms on the list of mountains that can tumble down. Researchers estimate that seven million cubic meters of stone can fall into the valley below.

It is a 1,000 meter high mountain area in the Reisadalen in Nordreisa, which is now listed on the list made by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), writes Fremtid i Nord (Future in the North).

The movements in the mountain range are measured at almost one centimeter per year, and the area is classified in the high hazard class by the Norwegian Geological Survey (NGU).

– There is no buildings that can be directly affected by the landslide. However, there is risk that rock masses ending up in the Doares valley can shore up the river. The river is a tributary of the Reisa River.

– This can represent a risk of flood damage, says Regional Manager Knut Ivar Aune Hoseth at NVE.

About Nordreisa

Nordreisa (Northern Sami: Ráissa suohkan, Kven: Raisin komuuni) is a municipality in Troms county, Norway. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Storslett. Other villages include Oksfjordhamn, Sørkjosen, and Rotsund.

The municipality consists of the Reisadalen valley, with the river Reisaelva and deep pine forests, surrounded by mountains and high plateaus. Most people live in Storslett, where the river meets the Reisafjorden.

Sørkjosen, just northwest of Storslett, is the location of Sørkjosen Airport with flights to Tromsø and several destinations in Finnmark.

The European route E6 runs through the northern part of the municipality.

The municipality of Nordreisa was established on 1 January 1886 when the southern part of Skjervøy (population: 1,057) was separated to form the new municipality. On 1 January 1890, the Trætten and Loppevolden farms (population: 32) were transferred to Nordreisa from Skjervøy.

The parts of Skjervøy lying on the mainland (population: 1,556) were transferred from Skjervøy to Nordreisa on 1 January 1972.

On 1 January 1982, the southern part of Uløya (population: 128) was transferred from Skjervøy to Nordreisa.

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