North Korea threatens the USA with nuclear war

North KoreanIn this image made from video broadcast by North Korean broadcaster KRT, North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un salutes during a parade at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, Saturday, April 15, 2017. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has appeared in a massive parade in the capital, Pyongyang, celebrating the birthday of his late grandfather and North Korea founder Kim Il Sung. (KRT via AP)

A spokesperson for the North Korean authorities has said that Donald Trump is guilty of ‘creating a situation of war’, and has threatened nuclear war, reported the Associated Press (AP) news agency.

The relationship between the USA and North Korea are at a low point after a US aircraft carrier, and several naval vessels headed for the isolated, S.E. Asian country.

On Saturday afternoon local time, a spokesperson for the North Korean authorities said that they will ‘answer a total war with all-out war, and nuclear war’, reported the AP.

According to the news agency, the unnamed spokesperson accused US President Donald Trump of creating a war situation.

Earlier on Saturday, North Korea displayed their new missiles in a grand military parade. It is the first time the regime had shown ballistic missiles that could be launched from submarines during the parade in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. Images on state television showed Pukkguksong-2 missiles mounted on trucks.

In a speech before Saturday’s parade, Secretary General Choe Ryong-hae of North Korea’s Communist Party also said that ‘the country is ready to react to any kind of attack from the United States.’

‘Today’s parade gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our powerful military capability’, sounded a voice over loudspeakers in the city, while thousands of soldiers marched, accompanied by a military band in front of a large audience who applauded enthusiastically.

The country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, was present at the parade, which was a celebration of the 105th birthday anniversary of his grandfather, the country’s former leader and founder, Kim Il-sung.

April the 15th is known as ‘The Day of the Sun’ in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, as communist North Korea calls itself. According to several analysts, it is unlikely that real, armed nuclear weapons were displayed, because it would be too risky’, reported CNN.

They have doubts about whether the missiles pose a real threat, or if they primarily function as a scare and propaganda tactic.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today