Northern and eastern Norway will probably have the best weather over Palm weekend

Winter sun HolmenkollenWinter sun. Photo: Norway Today Media

Northern parts of Nordland will get the best weather as we enter Palme weekend, while the end of the weekend, it will probably be best in Eastern Norway.


So said the Meteorological Institute’s short summary of the prospects for one of the year’s major holidays.

“Northern parts of Nordland could have a cold and clear Easter start. Østafjells will see quite good weather, but there is uncertainty about a low pressure front in the west.Nevertheless, it will be easier for the Palm weekend in Eastern Norway,”said State Meteorologist, Rafael Escobar Løvdahl, to NTB news on Wednesday.

It has been an exceptionally snowy winter in many places in the country. Despite the fact that the daytime temperatures are on the rise, and the sun is higher due to the spring days,there is no danger that the ski slopes will disappear in the short term.

Low pressure from the west

It is primarily a low pressure front from the west that creates uncertainty as to how the weather will be over the Palm weekend.

“Most likely, the low pressure front will only minimally affect Østafjells. If rain is coming, it will likely be light rain and sludge’’, said Løvdahl.

Temperatures will stay below normal for the season, but are likely to exceed 4 degrees during the daytime. It will probably be a bit more cloudy at the start of the weekend than towards the end.

The low pressure from the west will be more pronounced in Western Norway.

“It will create quite a lot of wind. Even in the mountains, there may be a small storm if you are unlucky’’, Løvdahl said.

There will not be much rainfall in the west, but there may be snow in the mountains, and mostly rain on the coast. North of Stad and Dovre, however, a little rain is expected.

Sun in Troms

For Trøndelag and Nordland, the meteorologists see a cloudy Easter, but suggest that the sun may appear in between.

“There will be nice temperatures, around 5 degrees, but the wind could rise a bit,” said Løvdahl.

Wind is expected to give a little rainfall
For Nordland, however, the forecast is uncertain. There may be significant rain if the wind does not stay in the southeast. The northern part of Nordland and the rest of northern Norway will see a period of cold air and onshore wind.

“There will probably be long periods of sunshine from Troms and down to Lofoten and Vesterålen.

The snow fronts are there, but perhaps mostly in Western Finnmark and not in Troms’’, said Løvdahl.

However, the weather will be more changeable and dependent on the wind direction in outer areas.

The meteorologist forecast temperatures of minus 5 to minus 10 degrees in Troms, but the low temperatures will decrease depending on the cloud cover.


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