Norway is launching new ID cards next month. Here are the details

New national ID cardPhoto: Politiet / NTB Scanpix

The new national ID cards are scheduled to be launched in November unless the coronavirus pandemic gets in the way.

New passports and national ID cards were initially supposed to be ready in December of 2016, but have been postponed several times. 

After several delays, the new passports were launched on Monday.

Next month, new national ID cards are also likely to be launched.

The Ministry of Justice proposed introducing a voluntary national ID card for everyone with permanent residence in Norway as early as 2007. 

Several delays

Initially, the plan was for the ID cards to be launched in 2013, but that deadline turned out to be far too optimistic.

“There have been delays in the work on the passport and ID card project, but the plan is still to launch new passports and ID cards this year. 

This is a high-priority measure for the police,” assistant police director Håkon Skulstad said in March this year.

Norway is currently one of three countries within the EU / EEA that have not introduced a national ID card, together with Iceland and Denmark, news bureau NTB notes.


The need for a new identification card has been discussed for a long time in Norway. 

The police emphasized the importance of all citizens having an efficient and secure way of documenting their identity on numerous occasions.

“It helps prevent criminals from misusing ID to commit serious crimes such as work-related crime, human trafficking, fraud, and terrorism,” Skulstad said.

He described the new national ID card as an identity card one can use to identify himself or herself. 

“It is more practical than a passport because it fits in your wallet. It is as secure as the passport, and only the police issue the card. It is also voluntary to have a national ID card,” Skulstad explained.

Set price

Those who want a national ID card will be able to book an appointment on to apply for the ID card. 

“You will be able to apply for a national ID card at all passport and ID offices in Norway. Prices for the passports and ID cards were set in the state budget for 2020. The price is the same for passports and ID cards, with NOK 570 for adults and NOK 342 for children,” Skulstad explained.

There are two variants of the national ID card – one with travel rights and one without travel rights.

“You can use a national ID card with the right to travel as identification and as a travel document – in the same way as a passport – when you travel to the EEA countries and Switzerland. 

You can only use a national ID card without the right to travel as identification. 

If you cannot get a passport, you can apply for an ID card without the right to travel,” Skulstad noted at the time.

Source: Norway Today


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    I live and am employed in Norway. Can I also request an identity card?

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