Norway opens up for more elk hunting in state forests

ElkPhoto: Paul Kleiven / NTB

Large quotas for this year’s moose hunt have led to Statskog now opening up for even more people to hunt animals in the state’s forests.

“The hunting teams that have been out earlier this autumn have not managed to take out the entire quota. 

“Thus, we can give even more hunters the pleasure of hunting in our areas,” head of hunting and fishing at Statskog Jo Inge Breisjøberget noted.

Usually, there is a lot of interest when Statskog decides who gets to hunt in the state’s forests. 

But this year, there are still many animals left on the quotas, and thus it is now opened up for more people to hunt in the attractive areas.

Day passes

Hunters can now buy a day pass for NOK 250 and gain access to a large hunting area. 

If more people want to join the hunt in the same area, the price of an additional card is NOK 100. 

Statskog hopes the opening will lead to the recruitment of hunters and improve the elk population’s management.

Statskog is a Norwegian state-owned enterprise responsible for the management of state-owned forest and mountain real estate. 

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