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Norway still reaching out to countries that call for assistance

The Norwegian flag obituariesThe Norwegian flag. Photo: Norway Today Media


The movement of asylum seekers contributed greatly to Norway giving more aid than they did last year, according to new figures from the OECD.

The organization’s figures show that Norway gave 34.5 billion kroner as aid to developing countries last year, that is equivalent to 1.05 percent of the Gross National Income (GNI). This figure is 2.4 billion kroner more than the one spent in 2014, according to the Newspaper Vårt Land.

The entire 3.7 billion kroner was spent on refugees in Norway. That is 1.9 billion kroner more as compared to the amount spent the year before, and it explains some of the huge amount of money used to give assistance. In addition, 3.2 billion kroner was given to be used temporarily for particular purposes.

Brazil is the country that benefits most from the Norwegian’s assistance, and this is so for the fourth consecutive year, followed by Afghanistan, Palestine, Malawi and Syria. 42 percent of the temporary expedient, that is equivalent to 1.4 billion kroner, went to the Middle East, with one third of the amount given to Syria.
The Norwegian organizations received 4.6 billion kroner last year.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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