Norway updated its national corona measures today. Here’s a list of changes

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The infection situation in Norway is still marred by uncertainty. It is currently not possible for the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) and the Norwegian Directorate of Health to assess the effect of the measures introduced on January 4.

Nevertheless, on Monday, the Norwegian government decided to introduce limited relief in the strictest national measures because there are signs that the infection is flattening out.

For the most part, the Norwegian government will uphold its strict infection control measures to prevent a new wave of infection.

However, it will provide some relief for children and young people.

The updates to the corona measures are listed below:

Kindergartens and schools  

  • The national-level measures for secondary schools are downgraded from “red” to “yellow” level. 
  • Municipalities can keep the “red” level in place this week if they need to prepare for the transition to the “yellow” level. 
  • Municipalities with high infection pressure should consider maintaining the “red” level in secondary schools, and if necessary, consider “red” levels in kindergartens and primary schools as well.

Recommendations for everyone across the country  

Social contact

  • Everyone should limit social contact as much as possible. 
  • It is encouraged to meet others outdoors and not have visits from more than five guests in addition to those who already live together. If all the guests come from the same household, more people can gather, but all those who are present have to be able to keep their distance from each other. 
  • Children in kindergartens and primary schools can have visits from their own cohort.


  • Norwegians are advised against traveling at home or abroad unless necessary. 
  • Traveling to a place of study can still be considered a necessary trip, while traveling to attend events is in principle not considered a necessary trip. 
  • Cabin stays in Norway with people you live with are still not advised against, within the local and national councils and the rules that apply.

Higher education

  • All universities, colleges, and vocational colleges should use digital teaching where possible. All planned events should be digital, and larger lectures and gatherings should be avoided. 
  • Students in areas without a high infection should be given the opportunity for physical education at least once a week when it is possible to carry out in small groups and in line with the infection control guidance.

Sports, leisure, and cultural events  

  • Children and young people under the age of 20 can train and participate in leisure activities as normal, both indoors and outdoors. 
  • They can also be exempted from the recommendation of a distance of 1 meter when necessary to carry out the activity. 
  • For children and young people, ordinary training activity internally in clubs, teams, and associations can therefore be carried out, but matches, cups, conventions, etc., must still be postponed.
  • For adults, the recommendation not to conduct organized activities indoors is continued. Outdoors, adults can exercise if it is possible to keep a good distance.
  • Elite sports are recommended to postpone all league games for two weeks. The Norwegian Sports Confederation is asked to coordinate this with the special federations.
  • Cultural events such as shows, exhibitions, etc., as well as courses/conferences and religious and social ceremonies, are postponed if these gather people from several municipalities. 
  • People are asked to respect the organizer’s restrictions when conducting events reserved for residents of a single municipality. This includes both outdoor and indoor events, but not funerals.


  • Working from home is recommended for anyone who has the opportunity to do so.

Rules for the whole country

Private gatherings and events

  • Most private gatherings and events should be postponed or canceled. If they still have to be held, the following rules apply:
  • A maximum of ten people can gather at private gatherings outside their own home, such as birthday parties, in rented premises. If the private gathering is outdoors, the limit is 20 people.
  • A maximum of ten people can gather at indoor sports events, cultural events, seminars, ceremonies, etc., and still 200 people where everyone in the audience sits in fixed seats. 
  • There can be up to 50 people at funerals, even if the seats are not fixed.
  • A maximum of 200 people can gather at outdoor events, or up to 600 people where everyone in the audience sits in fixed seats.

Nightlife and eateries

  • The ban on serving alcohol in restaurants will continue until further notice. A new assessment will be made in week 4, i.e., next week.

The government noted that the measures would be in place as long as they are needed but that continuous assessments of the situation will be made.

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  1. … and still no mandatory facemasking.

    Happily, *most* people are wearing them on public transportation and in shops … showing that *they* care about others.

    It is good to see the infection rate apparently back under control, in any case, and the government and FHI deserve fair credit for that.

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