Norway worst at public transport in Europe

SubwayOslo.Subway.Photo: Norway Today Media

Norwegians are in second place in Europe in terms of the car. Only  French people are driving more cars than us.

French people drive the most passenger car journeys in Europe, with an average of 34 kilometers per day. Close behind Norway is following with 33 kilometers driven daily. Romania is the country with the least passenger car per inhabitant – they drive 12 kilometers by car each day.

In return, Norwegians are at the bottom with regard to public transport. Here we are equal with Portugal, figures from Statistics Norway show.

Among the 20 European countries included in the statstics, Hungary scores the highest in terms of public transport’s share of total passenger traffic – ie both cars and buses, trams, subways and trains.

The Hungarians had the highest collective share at 35 per cent, while only 11 per cent of Norwegians and Portugal’s passenger transport take place by means of public transport.

Compared with 2000, the decline in the use of public transport has accelerated in several countries.

Passenger cars, on the other hand, have doubled in 50 years. In 1965, passenger car traffic in Norway amounted to 10 billion passenger kilometers. 50 years later, the total annual travel length by passenger car was more than sixfold at 62 billion passenger kilometers. From 1965 to 2015, air transport in Norway has also increased 15 times.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today