Epidemic of cats’ AIDS feared in Vestfold

illustration Catillustration .Cat. Photo: pixabay.com

Several cases of cats AIDS (katteaids)  in Vestfold  have prompted the Animal Protection Agency, and Veterinary Institute,to ask cat owners to take action to avoid an epidemic.


The lethal disease, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), better known as ‘katteaids’, attacks the immune system, and can cause cats to die from inflammation, and infections.

According to NRK news, several cases have been discovered in Vestfold this year. Deputy for Animal Protection in Tønsberg-Horten, Else Angeltun, said the disease has very serious consequences for  infected cats. The disease is spread primarily through mating, and fighting.

‘There are often homeless, tomcats who spread this disease when they go from female to female cat,’ Angeltun said.

Veterinarian, Anne Nordstoga, at the Veterinary Institute, stated that the course of the illness varies, and that wild cats are more vulnerable.

‘The cats never  get cured of the virus. Therefore, this is a serious illness’, said Nordstoga.

Both the Animal Protection Agency, and the Veterinary Institute, encourage cat owners to castrate their cat. This reduces fights, and removes the male’s ability for mating.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today