Norwegian government launches measures against conspiracy theories about anti-Semitism

Holocaust DayPhoto: Bjørn Sigurdsøn / SCANPIX

The Norwegian government is launching several measures against anti-Semitism and hostile attitudes in the population. Among other things, the Internet and social media will be followed more closely.

“In some environments, we see that more people express themselves more hatefully than before. Therefore, we propose to monitor anti-Semitism on the Internet and social media. 

“This will give us important knowledge to assess the extent of these attitudes,” Minister for Digitalisation Linda Hofstad Helleland, who is also the Minister responsible for minorities, noted.

The background is that Jews in Norway still experience hostile attitudes, both in everyday life and on the Internet.


She believes training in critical thinking and source criticism is important in a time when conspiracy theories are spreading.

Among other things, more will be invested in schools when it comes to providing the necessary information and school trips. 

Additionally, attitude surveys shall be conducted every five years, as well as research.

The government will also continue to support the Mosaic Faith Society’s information initiatives, the Jewish museums, and the cultural festival in Trondheim. 

The twelve-point action plan is a follow-up of the government’s previous action plan and will run until 2023.

Holocaust Day

Wednesday marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is always on January 27, to commemorate the six million Jews and other victims of Nazi extermination.

A total of 773 Norwegian Jews were deported from Norway during wartime. Only 35 of them survived. 

The Center for Holocaust Studies and Religious Minorities (HL Center) is in charge of organizing the marking that Prime Minister Erna Solberg will also attend. 

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  1. Looking at this objectively and truthfully, this attempt to quell racism seems itself very discriminatory if not racist.

    11 million people died in the Nazi Holocaust, not just the 6 million Jewish victims, and excluding non-Jews from mention is coldly and cruelly discriminatory.

    It should also be remembered that 10s of millions of people died in communist purges in Russia (and China) and that ethnic Jews – Trotsky (Lev Bronstein), Kamenev, Zinoniev, and Kaganovich were members of the Politburo – were prominent in the Soviet hierarchy and in the CHEKA/NKVD and its atrocities.

    On page 111 of his book Special Tasks, Stalin&Beria’s NKVD spymaster Pavel Sudoplatov (who ran Trotsky’s assassination in Mexico and the atomic spy ring in the U.S.) describes ethnic Jewish NKVD officers having “synagogue gatherings” in Kiev after the NKVD had presided over the forced starvation – extermination – of (c.f., United Nations resolution) 7-10 million Ukrainian men, women, and children in the early 1930s. Sudoplatov is an unimpeachable primary source, and his wife Emma and best friends in the NKVD were ethnically (albeit not religiously) Jewish.

    This arrogant ethnic conspicuousness – probably motivated by revenge for previous anti-Semitic pogroms (persecutions and killings) of Jews – decisively helped the Nazis’ “Jewish Bolshevism” propaganda and frightened Europeans which might be part of the reason so many looked away when Jewish people were rounded up.

    The anti-Semitism and collaboration with the Nazi Holocaust in the Baltic republics when the Red Army withdrew in 1941 was probably in part because so many Baltic people were discovered to have been murdered by the NKVD.

    Sudoplatov’s book caused controversy with his claim that atom bomb physicists including J. Robert Oppenheimer were knowingly spying for the Soviets, but the co-authors successfully defended the book’s truthfullness in a (liberal) Wilson Center discussion. As well, in 1999 Zoya Zarubina – the daughter of NKVD General Zarubin, who had selected the 200 Polish officers and intelligentsia *not* to be exterminated of the 4,000 at Katyn in 1940 … and thus decided the remaining would be – and the daughter of literally NKVD femme fatale agent Zarubina – personally attested to me the veracity of Sudoplatov’s book.

    Joe Biden has brought back aboard the same neocons/”liberal interventionists” who perpetrated the holocausts we the West have committed on the Iraqi, Libyan, and Syrian people – directly or via our Persian Gulf and Turkish allies’ al Nusrah/Qaeda, ISIS, etc. terrorists. Much has been made of new Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s stepfather being a Nazi Holocaust survivor, but that did not and does not give Blinken any moral right to inflict holocausts on other peoples, even if their governments have opposed Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Christians and Muslims.

    The kind of arrogant, discriminatory (im)moral self-righteousness can lead the West – as it already has – into starting wars. However, the strategic situation against both Russia and China – whom our neocon aggressions have made military allies and either of home, RAND Corp. has warned Congress, can defeat/destroy us – has completely changed, and unless our attitude completely changes in the West, we and our loved ones are doomed.

    Sivillforsvars?! (Civil defense?!)

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